View Full Version : AA and games problem ?

02-01-03, 03:10 PM
If my son tries to run the games Dungeon Siege and Etherlords with any form of Anti Aliasing turned on the games will not run.

Etherlords crashes on the start up screen, and when playing Dungeon Siege the screen just goes black when entering the game, you can still hear the sound but the screen is blank.

If you turn Anti aliasing off both games play fine.

Both games are patched to the latest versions.

This happens on both of his machines which have Ti4600 cards with the 30.82 drivers and Windows XP Pro with DX 8.1.

Is this a known problem with these games or would a different driver version fix it. Apart from this the machines run fine so I don't want to mess about changing drivers if it will make no difference.

Anyone got any ideas.



02-01-03, 03:14 PM
I suggest you get the latest drivers for Ti 4600. They are very mature and should work fine. If they don't resolve your problem, you can either roll back the driver or you can leave it and run at a higher resolution. Depending on your rig, Ti 4600 should be able to handle 1600x1200 just fine.