View Full Version : LCD Suggestions.

05-14-06, 02:05 PM
Well my trusty LCD failed last night and I'm after a new one

Must meet the following criteria

Fast responce times
19 Inch minimum
Look Nice :p
250 max
Good contrast ratio

Im considering widescreen too but don't know if that would be a little uncomforable for gaiming.

I only have 250 to spend though as I have just shelled out nearly 1500 on new gear 2 months ago.

I have been looking at this one, seems pretty good according to reviews and comes with a free copy of king kong

and this seems very cheap for a 19" widescreen, is it any good?

Main use is of course gaming but I do work and surf a lot on this machine so text has to be nice and crisp too.

Could anyone give me some input on this monitor or suggest alternatives?

Many thank's