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05-15-06, 09:07 PM
I just purchased some upgrades, mainly to the cooling part of my PC. I purchased a hard drive cooler which I have heard mixed things. I heard they do nothing but I'll have to see. Right now, it is holding my hard drive temp around 27 C and as long as it's under 30 I'm happy.

I switched a case fan (80mm) for a 120mm and that should do some good.

I also purchased a fan that connects to the back. I put it right under my video card so hoping it will bring down that temp but who knows. That was my hottest thing at 48C but everything else was under 30.

I'll have to see how this works. The case I have does amazing with cooling already but I wanted to upgrade that fan and I saw the hard drive and the back fan I would try. I'll let you guys know if anything improves or if I wasted 20 bucks. :bleh: Anyone else have any good things or tricks they do with cooling that is not water cooling?

05-16-06, 10:03 AM
I hooked up everything and it was going well until I saw my case temp gauge. It always idles around 78C but it shot up to 89. I was done for the night so I just turned it off. I don't know could be the source. I just put in those fans to help things out. Would it be possible that I put the new 120mm fan in backwards? It seems to be blowing a lot of air out. Should it be going in from the outside? My actual components int he case ar eifne as far as temperature goes. They are doing great but the general case is hotter than ever. I am also thinking it could be just where the case gauge is. I think I may have it stuffed in somwhere when I added those new fans and that would affect it right? It's always been pretty touchy since I got the case. Depending where it was in the case it would show different temperatures. But anyone have any ideas?

05-16-06, 11:13 AM
Turbulent air does not cool things effectively. Too many fans blowing things in and out can cause this..

I think most of those PCI slot things are useless.. It did nothing in my system, except generate more noise.

assuming you cleaned things out, and did the best job you can do with wire management,

I would first try to and remove the hd cooler and PCI slot fan.. and just run that 120 fan and see how it goes.

BTW, whats the stats on the 120mm fan? I assume it flows at least the same amout of CFM as your original 80mm? Some of those "quiet" fans don't move enough CFM.