View Full Version : 7900gtx and artifacts

05-16-06, 02:56 PM
I've been getting artifacts on both my brand new 7900gtx's after about 5-10 minutes of gameplay. I put them into a new Asus a8n-sli premium with an amd 4400x2(new).It's all powered by a new pc&c 850 watt so I don't think my supply is too weak, unless of course that turns out to be the problem. I've installed them alone, and in sli with the same results. Could both (EVGA)7900gtx's be defective? Or is it more likely a motherboard issue(I'm using 1009 bios)? Thanks for any advice.

05-22-06, 08:09 AM
Small gfx glitches and artifacts you usually get when you OC your hardware too much, but it could also be due to overheating,

do try to run the puter with the case open and see it it helps.

05-22-06, 12:06 PM
What version of them did you get? The reference ones or the overclocked ones?

05-22-06, 01:06 PM
Do you have PEG Link enabled? If so, try it with it off. It's eeeeevil :D

05-22-06, 01:16 PM
Hi, thanks for the replies. Both of them were stock settings in sli. Neither temp went above 65c under full load. I have an antec p160 so there's plenty of room. My new cards(newegg next day rocks) are both stable now for 5 days. I disabled peg link in the bios after reading up on all the issues that this model has been having. Other than that I'm crossing my fingers.