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05-17-06, 05:40 AM
Well, I got this tranfer kit from Lik Sang today.

With the default software provided you can backup an Xbox (and Xbox360) memory card. The homebrew scene, however, already provides a fully functional program, which lets people navigate through saved games, menu, dl'ed songs, Live games and transfer them.

The same program apparently allows the S-ata hard disk of the Xbox to be connected to any PC with a S-ata connector and Windows XP/2000

I've been already able to play saved games from oblivion PC on the Xbox 360 and viceversa, now I'm giving a close look at the mods and see if it's possible to do the same with custom MODs :D

05-17-06, 06:09 AM
Is this (http://www.lik-sang.com/info.php?category=319&products_id=8786&) what you ordered?

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05-17-06, 06:27 AM
I've been already able to play saved games from oblivion PC on the Xbox 360 and viceversa

That's impressive.

05-17-06, 06:52 AM
Unfortunately any other savegames taken after the Sewers section somehow hangs after a while. But using sewers savegame already allow people to bypass the most hated part of the game: the face creation.

Maybe I should try "cleaning " the savegame from dependencies. There was a similar procedure in Morrwind too. Also, people were able to mod Morrwind for Xbox using PC made mods. Aside from the executables, the assets for the two games are the same.

Oblivion savegames from Xbox use a similar naming convention : Save number - <hexdecimal>

Number is the progressive number of the save, hexadecimal is a unique ID associated to the owner of the content. All is needed to run them on PC (albeit with the said problems) is to put them in the C:\Documents and settings\..\My documents\My games\Oblivion\saves folder. Add the ".ess" extension to make them appear from the in-game load menu.

It's a good start, but I'd rather be more interested in adding custom content on the Xbox 360, like the LOD texture pack or some balancing MOD