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05-17-06, 09:07 AM
:thumbdwn: have an asus a8n-vm csm socket 939 nforce 430 (with geforce 6150 onboard). my problem is that i cant use udma with my dvdrom without getting a blue screen and a stop error followed by a long hex number. the problem occurs as soon as i put any type of cd or dvd into the drive, it goes through the usual process of recognising and after that it locks the system with the above error. the dvdrom is on the secondary ide channel as master, with no other drives attached to the same channel. the windows hard drive is on primary master and is using udma 5 as reported in windows device manager with no problems at all. if i change the transfer mode of the dvdrom to pio instead of udma and reboot, everything works without any crashes or problems just a lot slower...

i have tried :-

i have tried going into safe mode but the system locks at the same point with a disc in the drive.

installing windows xp with a clean install using no drivers other than its builtin drivers, but as soon as the install gets to the final stages of install, just before loading windows the system locks with the above error until i take out the disc.

i have also tried windows with service pack 2 again with only builtin drivers, but the same thing.

i have also tried installing windows with the latest drivers for my hardware, and still the same.

i have tried clearing the rtc and cmos by removing the battery etc but still the same.

i have also tested the ram and no problems there either.

i have also tried using onboard vga still same.

i have also tried using many different ide cables same...

my system consists of

asus a8n-vm csm
geforce 7600 (pci express)
liteon 166 dvdrom
60 gig ide hard drive
1 gig of single stick ddr400 corsair ram
athlon 64 3500 venice core
windows xp (32 bit)

all the hardware is running at the standard clock speeds and not been tweaked in anyway.

05-17-06, 02:17 PM
i have just changed the ide cable from 40 pins to 80 pins and i was able to reinstall windows xp and run without problems for a few hours, but after installing various programs, none of them had anything to do with drivers. the system yet again produced the above stop error. during this time i had rebooted several times for things like windows updates (sp2 was already installed). if this problem persists i will be forced to replace the motherboard for something reliable....:thumbdwn: (pirate)

05-19-06, 10:41 PM
I haven't had any problems with the a8n-vm csm except that it won't reboot when the FSB is at 240MHz.

I have my dvd in single drive mode on the primary IDE adapter, and my hard drive is on the SATA 3 connector. The DVD is running as UDMA 6 and has been fine for multiple installs of XP, XP-64, and Server 2K3.

Does your DVD have a different setting for single vs. master mode?