View Full Version : Wii to release prior to PS3?

05-17-06, 11:55 AM

The first paragraph got me wondering...

Wireless solution provider Broadcom today announced a partnership to supply Nintendo's Wii console with the Bluetooth technology that enables the peripherals to interact with the system. According to an official release, Wii will be the first videogame console in history to use Bluetooth as the standard.

Considering that PS3 uses Bluetooth aswell for its controllers means that they both will be the first consoles to support the technology for controllers but stating that Wii will be the first surely hints that they would have to release before the PS3 to do so.

Before someone comes and tries to spout something about Wii using it different or something. Both consoles are using Bluetooth for Controller wireless access which will also enable other devices to connect to the consoles. Neither are using it in a way other then this.

05-17-06, 12:22 PM
I just hope it comes out soon because I want one. (Wii)

I want a PS3 also but I'll wait for the price drop.