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05-17-06, 06:46 PM
I recently started work as the IT Manager at a small company.

Anyway the Brass has told me they want mobile devices that can do email on the go quickly, but also work as a regular mobile.

The obvious choices are either a Windows Mobile 5.0 device or a Blackberry. I have spent much time researching and I feel WM5 is the better all round choice as it works right off the bat with Exchange 2003 SP2 to deliever Push Email (or as close as Microsoft can get). With a BlackBerry am I correct in assuming I'd need to purchase BES for full functionality?

I myself have an i-mate K-JAM as my device of choice and I really cannot live without it now, but I feel it might be a little complex for the higher ups. Which is where the BBs might show their true strength. We have a BB on its way to trial, minus the Exchange Software ofcourse.

Anyway as this technology is only just now taking off in Australia I though a few of you blokes in the US and Europe, who have been Push emailing for quite some time, might have a few thoughts they would like to share.

05-18-06, 01:00 AM
I've used 3 Windows Mobile devices with all three inevitably falling in the trash. I just got a Blackberry 8700 and loving every minute of it. Its not as feature packed or as attractive as any of the windows devices but it works every damn time without fail doing exactly what it was set out to do. I've never had a Blackberry fail on me; that can't be said about Windows Mobile. If you want these devices for entertainment, go with Windows, otherwise, Blackberry should be the easy decision.

05-18-06, 08:43 PM
Thanks keith33. I shall look into the 8xxx series.

The Blackberry just arrived. A 7300 something or other. Seems a great little device, I love the active carry case it comes with. Pretty cool how you can set the different profiles depending on whether its in its case or not. Best thing is its so fast, no lag at all. Its also a CDMA device so data speeds are comparable to a slow 256k connection.

What I don't like is the calculator face after making calls, the lowres screen, no auto backlight and the wheel is kinda slow after moving from a touchscreen.

Is the 8 series and above any better in these regards? Is it my understanding MS Office attachments can't be edited on the device? Only viewed? Also this might sound stupid, but I am new to BB. Can you install apps?

I can easily see the bulk of our devices being Blackberries, but the power users such as myself will probably choose the WM5 devices. comparing the K-JAM directly to the 7300, theres no competition. The K-JAM and wm5 are light years ahead. Then again my WM5 experience has been flawless, no random reboots, no slow down, no crappy battery life. I heard alot of people are having problems with WM5. Especially those running the OMAP processors. I.e. K-JAM, JAMin. Please share your stories on either BB or WM5. All I seem to find is marketing hype or biased crap on fan forums.

05-21-06, 11:18 AM
The 8 series has a variable wheel speed, auto-backlight and the resolution is far higher, I would assume the screen is of same quality as any WM5 device. I haven't tried editing any word documents on my Blackberry but I'll try that today and post, I doubt it has this functionality, its a cellphone and email device more than a PDA.

05-21-06, 07:14 PM
Well today is the day I demo both the Blackberry and K-JAM so I well let you know how it goes. I really wish I had an 8 series Blackberry to demo as I know as soon as the partners see the flashy K-JAM and WM5 OS they will want it. This demo 7 series device is rather plain and being CDMA it has been chewing the battery when theres a low signal, but still a very cool little device. I can't wait to see the Media Push devices RIM are working on. It all works, just the devices are to slow to actually play the media properly. :p

Oh and on I side note, I finally got the courage to overclock the OMAP processor in the K-JAM, cranked it from 182MHZ to 272. Impressive results, especially in Enslaved, SkyPE and Atomic Cannon would give the Intel Xscale and run for its money. But flat battery in 1hr :D back to 182 for me. Quite an impressive little CPU. Actually is dual core, but I believe different to the dual core we know and love.