View Full Version : NIC: 802.1p = Enabled = Baaad!

05-18-06, 02:00 PM
So for weeks I've been having problems with many websites running slow and sometimes not loading at all. Even FTP bombs out after a few seconds, I start getting fed up when last night after doing a reformat on Ignatius Krum (see sig), I find that websites that loaded slow were now as fast as they used to be. So I got and compare my settings between Lykanthrope (c sig again), and lo and behold the 802.1p setting was enabled.

I turned off the setting renewed my IP and BAM my life became easier. I was so amazed. After some research I found out that 802.1p is a protocol to allow packet priority for QoS type stuff.

All in all I'm happy now, just giving everyone the heads up! :)

05-18-06, 04:04 PM
Lol, wow, you named your computers!!! What do the names mean? (If anything other than sounding cool...)

Good to hear you found your problem though. Thanks for the heads up.

05-18-06, 04:39 PM
Lykanthrope is a mispelling of the term Lycanthrope which means werewolf. Many years ago (almost a decade!) I joined a "family" of gamers, very close-nit group, their name was Lykan short for Lykanthrope, loved them a lot. Thus all my "new" pc's get the name for awhile, I am still very close friends with many of them.

Ignatius Krum comes from something (I think), I have no idea what, perhaps a book, a movie, a song, I have no clue. The name just stuck in my head through the years, again no idea why, the relational database that is my brain must've deleted or archived the original source memory/material.

So nothing amazing, I just like naming my computers, I have to be able to recognize them on a network you know ;) Of course I had a machine back at work that I named Beowulf like I had some kind of beowulf cluster on my system ;)

You should see some of the router names that admins put on even the bigger ISP pipes, they can be quite amusing. :)