View Full Version : Ultra X2 PSU

05-19-06, 04:45 PM
The only thing holding me back is the money, I'm not exactley about throw out 100 bucks. But for anyone who has this, if you could tell me pro's, con's and anything else, that would be great. I might get it tonight, not sure. I really want it so I cna have improved airflow throughout my case and I can hdie all the cables. Plus, you only use what you need.

05-19-06, 05:42 PM
tbh ive never heard very many good things about modular PSU's. i wouldnt dish out the cash, especially if my current PSU handles everything thats thrown at it.

05-20-06, 12:34 AM
Wow, that's discouraging. What are some of the things you have heard about modular PSU's? I wanted it because of better airflow and the case would be a lot less cluttered and look a lot cleaner.

05-20-06, 12:41 AM
PC Power and Cooling say that modular plugs add resistance to the wire:

05-20-06, 11:38 AM
modular psu's suck.. I used to have the original x-connect. The plugs wore out really fast, and started to short out.

05-23-06, 09:43 AM
I purchased it and just installed it. I'll let you guys know how it goes. It goes good as far as wiring and crowded case. It makes the case look a lot nice but as far as some of the problems you guys were mentioning I'll have to see what happens.

05-23-06, 11:27 AM
Those Ultra X2 PS are not that great. If I were you I'd use some kind of monitoring software to keep an eye on voltage levels.