View Full Version : LCD Monitors to play X360 On

05-19-06, 05:06 PM
I'm looking to buying an Xbox 360 very soon, and I've been also thinking about an LCD monitor in the near future as well. I do currently have a HDTV display to run it on, it's a 36" HDTV Tube by Sony, it's like 4 years old I think, it display HD stuff really nice on it through the HD Cable Box I have and it's native res is 1366x768 I think.

Anyway, another LCD monitor would work nice to setup next to my current computer. I could use it to buy another HD Cable Box to watch TV on it (and HD Channels), play Xbox360 on it and also use it as my own monitor for the computer when I upgrade again maybe at the end of this year or sometime next year.

Anyway, been reading about HDCP compliancy, it seems the Gateway 21" with 1680x1050 is the only HDCP compliant monitor I've seen around and from what I understand, you'll need HDCP compliancy to run full resolution on HD-DVD or Blu-Ray, but I don't plan to buy anytime soon (will most likely run one on a brand new TV anyway).

Aaaanyway, how good are these monitors for running Xbox 360 and displaying HD content from a cable box (720p/1080i), basically how good are they with hi-def resolutions? Here's the monitors I've seen around here.

Acer 24" 1920x1200, 6ms grey to grey, 1000:1, DVI and VGA

Gateway 21" 1680x1050, 8ms, 1000:1, component, DVI and VGA I think, HDCP compliant over the DVI-D

Acer 20" 1680x1050, 8ms, 800:1, dvi and vga, speakers

Samsung 204B 20" 1600x1200, 5ms, 800:1, dvi and vga

Samsung 215TW 21" 1680x1050, 8ms, 1000:1, component, DVI, VGA

Dell 2405FPW, 24" 1920x1200, 12ms?, 1000:1, component, DVI, VGA

Dell 2007W, 20.1", 1680x1050, 16ms, 800:1, DVI, VGA

Anyway the prices are quite varied, the dell 2405 being considerably expensive for me.. Anyway, please share your opinion with me, which of these runs hi-def resolutions nicely and would be nice to play X360 thru and also watch HD content through a hd cable box on. Also has to be good enough to use as my own computer monitor sometime later, so the Dell 2405 is quite nice in that respect in that it has 1600x1200 native with vertical bars.

Also, you're welcome to give your opinion on a monitor I didn't list, like some Viewsonic's and BenQ's, but my choice isn't too wide. For the most part, I want to buy the monitor locally, and I'm in Canada, so the prices are different compared to states (to be precise, more expensive..).