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05-20-06, 09:55 AM

My system:
Processor: AMD athlon 64 3500+ 2.2GHz
ram: 2 gb kingston pc3200 400MHz
Graphic: Gainward 7800GTX 256Mb golden sample
Motherboard: Abit KN8 Ultra
PSU: Hiper Powersupply Modular Type R 580W
Driver: 89.98

My problems:

When I play DOOM 3 and Quake 4, I can play at the highest settings which include Antilising 16x and ultra quality at 1280x1024 which everything else maxed out with Vsync off and get 60+ FPS
but while I play Tomb raider legend and Ghost recon advanced warfighter at the same settings I only get fps between 10-25. Why is that?
then Whatever settings I use in FS 2004 I only get 20-25 FPS why is that?

Then I wonder which is the best Nvidia driver I can use with my 7800GTX? I have tried one driver in the 7x.xx and 8x.xx and the latest driver dated in March was a real carbage to me.
So I love to know what driver is the best for my craphiccard.

Then to the other problem:
When I download files whereever out in the net I often get corrupt files so I canīt use them. Has anyone info hoe to get it off?


05-20-06, 10:56 AM
grab the 84.56 off the evga website.... it should help with GRAW and tomb raider.... remember that tomb raider with next gen on runs bad on any hardware and requires a 512mb card in order to be smooth... even with a 512mb card it still stutters with next gen on... o and run 3dmark06 and post a compare link

05-24-06, 09:51 AM
hello and thx for you r suggestion on using the 84.56 driver. But I wasīt able to download the hole file från EVGA....I donīt know why, it just shut down of it self!
But no te most games are running well beside the most important game I mainly use. It is flight simulator 2004.
i only get a maximum FPS of 30 but itīs mainly pendling between 10-20.
anyone who knows why?
With my system I should be able to play FS2004 at the maximum settings including a resolution of 1280*1024.
My sisters computer with a ATI and a older video card run FS2004 way better than my 7800GTX adn both have a ram of 256 mb on the videocards.

I tried to set a lswoer settings in FS2004 but the only things that happens ís that I eighter get a slower FPS ofr some weird reason or it just stuck to the same FPS as earlier.

longing for an answer!

05-24-06, 05:21 PM
File corruption might have something to do with the nVidia Firewall if you are using it....


05-25-06, 12:37 AM
1 reason that pos is gone from the new drivers

05-26-06, 04:19 AM
allright I have fixed the download file corruption problem by uninstalling Nvidia firewall! Now I never get any file corruption when I downloads stuff!
But what do you mean with:
"1 reason that pos is gone from the new drivers"?

And what abou thte EVGA driver 84-56. Is it a modded driver from EVGA or is it just a Nvidia original driver?

And what can I do to get more FPS in FS2004?

05-26-06, 05:24 AM
the NvFirewall is known for Data corruption, thats why it is removed from the new drivers becoz the TcpIP tech they installed (Media Shield?) was having issues with it.

05-26-06, 05:58 AM
the driver from EVGA is just a nvidia driver and has not been modified.

05-26-06, 07:29 AM
allright like i Thought:-)