View Full Version : Evolution GT demo Feedback thread

05-22-06, 01:58 PM
Looks a good racing sim...




05-22-06, 02:01 PM

Old news but it's pretty good.

05-22-06, 02:28 PM
Doh... Typical me, ive been away in New York, so prob missed that

05-22-06, 02:34 PM
OWA, is EGT better than Racedriver 3?

05-22-06, 03:18 PM
Still havent bought racedriver because i feel they cheated by showing all those awesome prerendered crashes. I played the demo and it was totally different. I will download this now.

05-22-06, 04:45 PM
OWA, is EGT better than Racedriver 3?
I'm not totally sure. I've played the EGT demo a lot more than I've played the full game of Racedriver 3 since I have to use the CD with racedriver 3. I despise that, so I rarely play it.

05-22-06, 05:11 PM
And I was asking myself why you bought quite a few SF-infected games on D2D. lol Makes perfect now. :D I guess Ill try the EGT demo myself but I used up 6 of 8GB of my bandwidth and have still almost 2 weeks left. How would you describe the handling/physics? More sim or arcarde on the most "realistic" settings?

A little off-topic, but Im totally hooked on Live for Speed S2 since last week. One of the best sims that I ever played when it comes to physics/handling.

05-22-06, 06:43 PM
I think it handles more like a sim but there isn't an in-car view. It also has some arcade-like features, like when you hit a wall, it's like you get your bell-rung (there's a weird ringing noise that is actually kind of funny).

05-22-06, 06:51 PM
No in-car view. Thats not good, because I drive like crap in 3rd person. :( I might still give it a try though. Thanks for the info!

05-23-06, 03:41 AM
Dos'nt this game have starforce in it.

05-23-06, 05:04 PM
Dos'nt this game have starforce in it.

Dont say that I was just about to download the demo!

05-23-06, 05:08 PM
I thought it did but checking the directory, I don't see the usual protection libraries (files). Edit: Checking a site that tracks that sort of thing, I don't think it does have starforce.

05-23-06, 05:11 PM
I checked GCW and the retail version has a NO-DVD, which are extremely rare with recent Starforce versions.