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05-23-06, 12:47 PM
It makes sense.


I still wish they'd say something like "Writing 12 Page Essays for Bull**** History Class is Harmful".

But who writes essays these days? Judging by the grammar on the internet, no one.

05-23-06, 01:10 PM
Videogames are very harmful, just yesterday I got a papercut from a CD Sleeve...

05-23-06, 01:25 PM
Videogames are very harmful, just yesterday I got a papercut from a CD Sleeve...
:rofl Yes, and yesterday I had an xbox360 box lying around on the floor and I tripped on it... almost broke my leg! :D

05-23-06, 02:05 PM
Video games are harmfull. I have nintendo thumb even though I spent most of my childhood playing Sonic. My poor thumb. :(

05-23-06, 02:09 PM
I do get neck pain from time to time, but its my own fault if I canīt sit right and/or decide to play too many hours. :p

05-23-06, 02:15 PM
True .. playing Oblivion for long periods of time made my eyes bleed :(

05-23-06, 02:22 PM

05-23-06, 05:00 PM
funny that there is this thread. we have to write a gay persuasive essay and as an example paper we choose between what is healthier/better, video games or reading. im a heavy gamer, but i picked reading, which maybe i should do more often :D im real smart but i do believe my eyes are gonna be shot when im older and probably my back

05-25-06, 01:54 PM

In your face Jack Thompsom. He's such a god damn loser. Like when he though Janet Reno was a lesbian then claimed harrasment