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05-24-06, 07:27 AM
Like in morrowind We got azura's star Again...
And I have a questions...
1- Can we copy that with a cheat ( I dont like but... ;) It contains much gold )
2- After we put soul in azura's star How Can we sell İt ( Because its so Expensive and I think there isnt anyone can but it :D )
3- This is the last one
if i sell it , is it lost from our inventory ? ( there wasn't anythink like that in morrowind )

Come on Morrowind Masters... I know There is some one to help me ;) ;)

05-24-06, 12:40 PM
1) I think you can .. with the editor perhaps , but dunno how.
2) Thats the problem in Oblivion .. all/most merchants dont have enough money to buy your valuable stuff not just that star. the best merchant i found so far is in Skingrad .. she has 1200 :(
3) you mean lost from the merchants inventory ? i dont think so ..
in addition i dont advice you on selling it. by that you gonna lose a precious deadric artifact!! i wouldnt do it no matter what!