View Full Version : harddrive benchmarks- what counts?

05-24-06, 06:09 PM
Im running 2 80 gig deskstars drives in raid 0, 3gms sata drives, im looking to upgrade but im wondering what to shoot for, im looking at THG and theres many different performance measurements, so im looking for a hard drive arrangement for xp and games, runnig on a 16 bit cluster

I have a wd 250 gig i might move that to external usb and just a 3 drive array

does anyone have some suggestions on a good combination?
I sold my old raptor for these 2 drives and games seem to load fast, windows not so much

maybe leave the raid 0 drives, and buy a raptor for windows?
(or cheaper drive with good benchmarks on w/e would be the most important)

heres a quick link to THG
why do larger drives perform better?