View Full Version : my ide to usb HD has gone wrong :/

05-25-06, 06:30 AM
i have a normal hard drive, with one of those powered IDE to USB things, so it can be external and i plug it in my laptop and then to my desktop (it is my work drive)

recently i have been getting 'delayed write failed' errors - all the time when writing to the drive - all the time when doing anything intensive like raring files on the drive. but i can seem to take stuff off it ok.

has anyone got any ideas or experience they can lend to me>?

is the drive about to fail or is it something else wrong with it? it was fine when i first got it. is it too fragmented and crashing ? do those external ide adapters fry drives?

'optimze for quick removal' is selected in the drive properties - this has always been like this, and is listed as a fix.

thanks (again) guys :)

edit* my gf just said 'it sounds like the drive is copyright protected' like i can take off the drive but cant alter anything. any ideas?