View Full Version : P4 o/c question

05-26-06, 10:49 PM
I have the specs below, i want to know ...

1- y does the computer hang after 5 hours of continious load on the CPU, it didn't do that on my Celeron, should i raise the voltage? how much more? what's the safe limit? its spec is 1.4v

2- i noticed that the CPU voltage inside the windows is read 1.38 and sometimes it goes to 1.32 when loaded, happened also with the Celeron, though it's set manually at 1.4v, i saw a review of Intel 930 a bit ago and the guy had the same problem, should i trust my eyes of the manual setting i made?!


05-28-06, 05:45 PM
Probably both the low voltages and the hangs are the same trouble. I find in my experience that most of the PCs have their volt value lowered when in theirfull load, and it depends in the PSU, the motherboard and the CPU how much the voltage drops. If the volt drop goes through the line of the minimal volts that the CPU needs for operating at full load then it hangs. That spreaded through hours of load gives more oportunities for it to happen, and mroe heat to the componets, whose conductive propierties could even get some change because of it.