View Full Version : Not sure if this is good, or just avg for an overclock

05-27-06, 03:47 PM
I have a BFG 7800gs oc agp, wich is overclocked outta the box already, but I decided to give some more overclocking a whirl and so far this is my highest stable clock. Stock outta the box is 400/1250, so I tried many settings and came to my final, or what I thought was my final of 480/1450, and everything in fear, oblivion etc.. was stable without issues. I decided to mess around somore cause I was bored, and this is what I am at now and stopped at 470/1500. I had to down the core some about 10mhz more, because doom3 was artifacting a bit, I really get annoyed at the slightest artifact or glith, so I tend to notice it fast, anyways, I thought ok fine, if that's the case why not up the mem and see what happens, well I upped it as far as it would go, wich is 1500, 50mhz more than my initiial setting, so all in all I dropped the core 10mhz, but gained 50mhz on the mem. It seems like it'll go even further but I can't since that's max.
My temps in case your wondering are 52celc idle, and max, at most 70celc full load, I have never seen it go above 70 at all with any game or 3dmark.

05-27-06, 04:09 PM
I run my 7800GS @500/1500 all day.