View Full Version : NAV06 Internet Worm Protection Rule for UPNP

05-27-06, 08:34 PM
Nortan Antivirus 2006 Internet Worm Protection keeps blocking UPNP trafic on port 6500 even when connecting to another computer on the LAN.

Rule Notes:
Intruder's IP: My Computer's IP
Attacked IP:
Attacked Port: 6500

I'm tring to host a DS2 (Dungeon Siege 2) game but can't because NAV is blocking it and disabling NAV Auto-Protect doesn't stop the Worm blocker. How do I create a rule for this? I've tried to add IP in a rule but it won't accept it, invalid IP address.

05-27-06, 11:15 PM

05-28-06, 07:16 AM
Aside from temporarily disabling NAV, I believe there's a setting to enable or disable protecting for specific worms. There should be a view that shows what the program is blocking and allows you to override the automatic blocking settings. At least I think that's how it was in the older versions, I haven't had much experience with the newer ones so sorry if this didn't help.