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05-27-06, 10:27 PM
So im looking to upgrade my comp spend about 100-150 and im looking at hard drives

right now i have my 2 80 gig in raid 0 3gb/s (nice little drives 45 bucks each)

im thinking of some possible combinations for new drives
1. buy 2 more 80 gigers and raid 5 all 4 drives
2. buy 1 more 80 giger and raid 0 the three drives and then raid 1 it with my
250 gig drive, except the 250 gig drive will force all the drives to run at 1.5gb/s
3. buy a raptor 36 gig and put my os on it and run the other 2 drives i already have in raid 0 and load them with games, however then i lose the overall benifit of cool raid, or do i? hmm the last raptor i had was loud fast and hot, but i sold it originally for these 2 drives i use

im looking for game loading time reduction and a fast os, i had 16 bit clusters but i think ill try 4 next

any suggestions? also do you think this might kill my 450w pse with the stuff i have in my sig?

05-28-06, 12:45 AM
Pickup that 95 dollar 300 gig drive that's on the nvnews frontpage. "Seagate"
It's lots of bang for the buck. :)

05-28-06, 07:44 AM
im looking for speed more than anyting, ill buy a big drive later on in the summer and an enclosure of it

05-28-06, 10:01 AM
If you want pure speed, nothing touches a raptor, end of story.