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05-28-06, 03:55 AM
i have an asus a7n8x deluxe (nforce2) mobo running an athlon xp2200+ (1.8 gigahertz), with paired corsair ram (2x256mb dual rate), and an nvidia fx5200 video card

of recent times, it is weird, but inconsistently so

initially it failed to boot, and i thought the video was bad, but after reseating the card (which wasn't obviously loose) it started to work again

thereafter, it had a tendency (but not universally) to reboot after shutdown - mostly with a live ethernet connection to broadband, but sometimes with the adsl modem switched off

it also ran "slow" (10 vs 100mbps) on the 3com lan, but not on the nvidia lan (it has 2 on board connections)

resetting the bios seemed to help, at least for a time

started to do the zombie reboot trick again... fixed temporarily by altering the "power options" settings in windows, but i suspect in retrospect this wasn't why it started behaving again for a while

memtest reports no error, nor does scanning for virus or trojan

i confess to brutally overclocking it briefly - fsb to 200 on a cpu built for 133, but the multiplier was way down so the absolute frequency was never above 1900, and the zalman cooler keeps the temp of the cpu to under 42 degrees the whole time

also, windoze added an update prior to the onset of symptoms, but i am sceptical it could cause all this to happen

but today it was loathe to turn off, and when i eventually turned off the power supply and much later rebooted, it was very strange; the lights came on and it powered up the drives for maybe 10 seconds, then turned off it wasn't even interested in posting an error beep

i checked the video, and ram - all in place appropriately and reseated them anyway; reset the bios yet again (battery out for 10 minutes, switch the jumpers per manual)

eventually after holding down the on switch, it did similarly, but then cycled through power on like a car without petrol turning over - lights, hard drive noise for 5-10 seconds, brief "off", then more of the same repeatedly

finally it turned on, and now works fine.... ! (until i try and turn it off, or on i suspect)

any ideas ?

the asus e-mail help suggested flashing the bios - i am not happy to do this if the reboot is dodgy

i reckon the motherboard is dodgy - it is 3 years old, and well looked after, but these things happen; could it be the cpu instead - probably easier to try a different one, but still a pain to do, given the paucity of athlon xp's in circulation

short of pulling out all the pieces to try independently, where to from here?

does this sound like a hardware thing - as much as i have sincere doubts about windoze sometimes, i don't consider these things its problem - they occur prior to post, let alone loading the o.s.

thx in anticipation

05-30-06, 06:01 AM
A friend of mine had similar inexplicable rebooting problems on his nF4 mobo. Turns out it's the dual channel controller. Once he put the memory pair in single channel mode the problems were gone. Just a thought, sorry I can't help you more.

05-30-06, 06:10 AM
mine's nforce2, with corsair twin-x 256 low latency, and been plugging on these last 3 years fine (at only 133mhx :-( )

my money's on the 380w antec true power being untrue