View Full Version : I gave up on my 7900GTX's

05-29-06, 06:57 AM
I do not know what is wrong with them but I should have just kept the two 7900GT KO that I had ,after two RMA's I fineally had them running good,but I wanted 512mb of memory ,bad choice I got my two 7900GTX EGS and for two or three days they ran perfect ,I could run any benchmark and any game,but one day I went to play quake 4 and then I had big artifacts everwhere and my screen started blinking on and off and then blue screen and then rebooted ,I took them out to run one at a time but the problem kept on,I have tried the new bios update and I even down clocked the card to 600/1500 but still had artifacts ,I have changed power supplies and a different monitor but no help,the one I got back after RMA'ing I thought it was going to be fine but it started the same old mess,I started to go ATI but crossfire just stops me from going that route,so I order two of the 7900GT SS ,they sre supposed to go though more testing ,and I could'nt really see where the extra 256mb helped ,I am sure it helped in some games but if you can not get them to work then it helps nothing.

05-30-06, 11:46 AM
There's an article on HardOCP about it.

It's a widespread issue. 7900 series it buggered. Cards may work fine for people now. But teh real question is not wether or not they work.. it's how long ?!

I'd stay away from the 7900 series. Either go Red (ATi) or wait until the G80.

05-30-06, 12:28 PM
Stay away from ATI. They contribute to global warming. :)

05-30-06, 12:31 PM
Stay away from ATI. They contribute to global warming. :)

05-30-06, 01:29 PM
Stay away from ATI. They contribute to global warming. :)

lol :) One could also go with a nice 7600GT, very nice cards (nana2)

05-31-06, 10:59 AM
Well, if my RMA is turning out positive I'm sticking with 7900GTX's ...

I recently bought a Club3D 7900GTX (default, no OC'd) and a Asus A8N SLI-SE mainboard, the card lasted 5 hours, and then poof!! Mainboard RMA, Graphics card RMA...PSU RMA...:thumbdwn:

I requested a different brand graphics card, 5 hours (non overclocked version)... talk about bad build quality...stay away from club3d...

Xion X2
05-31-06, 11:45 AM
Uhhhh, your entire system crashed altogether? Your mainboard, graphics card, AND PSU???

05-31-06, 01:36 PM
jup... not happy

replaced PSU already in order to test mainboard...
PSU works.
Mainboard with PCI-E (6200TC just to test), PCI (old ET6000) graphicscard not a thing...
7900GTX, had render faults to begin with but now doesn't display anything anymore (tested in friends setup)

Mine lasted no more than 5hours, I wonderhow long these guys reviewed their setup?

http://www.overclock3d.net/reviews.php?type=3&id=53&page=1&desc=nvidia_7900_gt_and_gtx_card_mini_roundup_revi ew

(this review made me buy club3d, and because it was very cheap..)

05-31-06, 02:31 PM
I sent back my two 7900GTX EGS and order the 7900GT SS and a new motherboard and a new power supply so maybe I can get a working PC after all this,even though I do not think there is nothing wrong with my power supply or mother board,I am go to try anything.I even bought a new LCD monitor.

Xion X2
05-31-06, 03:38 PM
Yeah, I see now you have the same PSU I have which should've ran your setup just fine.

Sorry you've had bad luck w/ them. eVGA's have really had their problems lately. Nvidia needs to get on top of this as it's really hurting sales.