View Full Version : A list some place on SLI settings for games? :(

05-29-06, 10:02 PM
Guys I am bum'in big time. My setup just doesn't work.

I stress tested each card in the computer by themselves and they work just fine. But in SLI, no matter the driver, I am getting half a screen of garbage whenever a game goes to a "load" screen. Really it's whenever a game stops displaying 3D content and switches to 2D. Half the screen freaks out.

The only way to fix it when you are back to the 3D content is to ALT-TAB out to Windows and then back in to the game again.

I have tried all manner of SLI settings. Even setting profiles to SINGLE MODE; still does the same thing. Or the SLIAA mode, same thing.

My SIG has all my system details.

The games I play and am dealing with are:


05-29-06, 10:06 PM
Have you tried swapping the cards around? It could be your motherboards PCI-E x slots. I don't think its a driver/setting issue since even on auto it would select a mode, if that mode didn't work it would just run choppy but not show half a screen.