View Full Version : need advice on raid planning-plllleaaasee help me!

05-30-06, 07:41 PM
as it is i will have 4 80 gig sata 3 drives at 7200, im trying to find the best performance for the os and software and games

what i understand smaller strip, better for os

larger strip better for larger files

i was originally going to slap all 4 drives together for raid 4, and use ntbackup or somthing to keep backups on a totally different hd, however as i c that theres little gain from 2-4 drives would it be better to rather

raid 2 in 0, with small strip for pagefile and os
and raid 2 for games with huge strip

data loss due to strip or cluster size isnt an issue

also if i do arrange them in 2, 2, should i put each on its own channel or, split them so OS is on 2 and Games is on 2 channels?

now im running 2 drives at the momment, i have my raid array set for 16 clusters and 32 strip wihc is backwards as i want the clusters to be split up, games load so so and the os takes forever, so im leaning towards the 2 array config, however 4 array would kick butt!, but then i dont know how much performance i would lose from mid way strip size :(

this stuffs hard

05-31-06, 02:47 PM
Could go for RAID 5.