View Full Version : Just put in an order for the EVGA 7900GT SS card...

05-31-06, 05:06 AM
Well...it was kind of a last minute decision. I have been using an XFX 6800XT and its killing me...espeically after going from my old EVGA 7800GTX 512 to that XFX.

Well I decided to go ahead and buy the EVGA 7900GT Signature Series. 600 on the core is nice not to mention that its GREAT OCing capabilities. I've seen some go to 700 easily. Well anyways the package was nice considering I get a free game with it and best of all I get front of the line Step-up (evga step-up program) and also EVGA pays for shipping back and fourth.

This is good considering I needed a card...I need something fast...the GTX just didn't seem worth it not to mention all the issues people are having. This paticular card can OC to great heights. And best of all I can wait and decide on whether or not to Step-up to the 7950GX2. I'm curious to see how the reviews and results will be on that card. I know it will be much faster than my 7900GT SS, but don't know if the 7950GX2 will have issues that I may just want to avoid entirely. And, if the 7950GX2 turns out to be a greater success than the other previous cards, then I can simply step-up to it, and not have to wait that long becuase I get head of the line treatment AND EVGA will pay both ways for the step-up.

seemed like a good deal to me.

Only paid 390 for it over at newegg. Should be here in a day. I live like 5 mins from that place anyways...shipping is always next day whether its ground or not.


I'll let you know how it goes.

Now away with you XFX 6800XT!

05-31-06, 01:47 PM
Great choice! Been running on my 7900GT SS @ 650/1800 now for 3 weeks I believe it's been already and runs perfect, had no wierd issues with lockups, or artifacting, or anything. Congrats and lemme know how high you can clock it without artifacting.

05-31-06, 02:26 PM
I order the set of 7900GT SS ,I hope they treat me better then the 7900GTX EGS did ,they lastest about two days before they started messing up.

05-31-06, 03:19 PM
Just put one in a friend's rig. Amazing card and I'm jealous :)