View Full Version : 6800GT upgrade to 7800GS (AGP)! Worth the $ ?

06-02-06, 11:46 PM

My System spec:

Inter P4 2.8c
2GB pc2700/333 DDR RAM
80 HD 7200rpm (pure Application/games HD, no DATA)
6800GT AGP 256MB.

As this would be my last upgrade before buying a new rig when Vista is out next year, I have this question:

Do you think it is worth it to upgrade my 6800GT to 7800GS SuperClock in term of Performance gain?

I hope for your advices!

Thanks and Cheers!:)

06-03-06, 12:58 AM
With your specs I'm not sure it's a good idea, your CPU will probably not allow you to take full advantage of a 7800 GS, but it will still be quite faster than a 6800 GT. Another factor is the power requirement: if your PSU doesn't have at least 20A on the 12v rail you'd have to get a new one and that could add an extra $100 to the price tag but on the other hand that PSU would be able to power your next system as well so it wouldn't be a wasted investment.

06-03-06, 01:25 AM
Hi Madkent,

Thanks for the quick advice!

I guess you are right, the bottomneck is my CPU! As for the PSU, I think I had better play it safe not to upgrade now.

OK, I will just save up my $ and wait untill I upgrade mu whole rig when Vista is available next year!


06-03-06, 01:50 AM
a 6800GT is still a decent card OC'ed. I's say do what im doing and just wait it out. Save your money and then buy the best of the best when the dust clears and we see whats best this fall :)

06-03-06, 02:13 AM
Stay with your 6800GT. :)
My Ultra still kicks @ss. :D

06-03-06, 02:40 AM
Hey guys,

I will just do what you had suggested!:)

Thanks for all you nice advices! ;)

06-03-06, 08:57 PM
I'm holding on to my 6800GT too. I bought it for $400 in July 2002 and I plan to maximize its usage as much as possible before I upgrade to a new Vista machine. Besides, I can play Oblivion at 1280x960 with HDR enabled with good framerates.

Just overclock your card and see if you can improve your gaming performance until the upgrade later on.

06-04-06, 02:45 AM
kevinti.... I had the same problem, 6800GT with a 2.5Ghz P4.... however, someone gifted me an AMD 3200+ ( Venice ).... spent 120-00 on a new case, motherboard(cheap Asrock), soundcard (Audigy4 OEM) etc and it has seriously released the 6800GT to fly like it should.... pushing the CPU to 2.6Ghz and Doom3 went from 40fps to 80+ (nana2) .... excellent money well spent.
Good enough for me until the G80 pops its head... then a major upgrade planned....

06-04-06, 08:30 AM
I'm holding on to my 6800GT too. I bought it for $400 in July 2002 ...

Did you spend the rest of your cash on a time machine? :-)

06-04-06, 12:10 PM
Did you spend the rest of your cash on a time machine? :-)

Now, that sounds like a good idea if I could actually buy one. :)