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06-03-06, 12:32 PM
2006-6-1 19:53
HKEPC Hardware IT News (http://www.hkepc.com/bbs/itnews.php?tid=608069)
Samsung has announced the launch of the first laptop using 32 Gigabyte(G NAND Flash-Based Solid State Disk (SSD), Samsung Q30-SSD, with 12.1 in LCD monitor. It will firstly be launched in Korea in June. Samsung has confidence that NAND Flash-Based SSD would replace traditional hard drive in the short future.

According to Kim Hounsoo, the vice president, PC division, NAND Flash-Based SSD is better to against shock to save data. Compared with traditional 2.5 in 4,200 rpm hard drive, the transfer rate of NAND Flash-Based SSD is much faster, almost 300% gain for reading (53MB/s) and 150% for writing (28MB/s). It saves 25-50% of time for booting Windows XP!

Besides its great performance, NAND Flash-Based SSD would make the laptop be lighter and use less power. It weights around 20 to 30 grams only, about the half of the traditional one. Without motor, it may extend the lifetime of the battery by 15 to 50%, depends on the kind of job, and the noisy thing will not exist anymore.

Great for Laptop and sure would not mind to have such Hard Drive on deskop for OS or games