View Full Version : Funky crashes. Sound card to blame?

06-05-06, 12:21 AM
Ah yes... once again I am here with a new problem.

Today's issue is funky collapses during gaming.
Here's the deal.. playing casually SC: Chaos Theory and suddenly the game crashes and the screen simply goes dark.

Reboot and I have no sound. WTF?

If you recall, I posted this problem some time ago and I came to the conclusion that it must have been a bad contact when installing the sound card. Well the problem is back now, except I get no artifacting, the game simply crashes as mentioned.

From the previous issues I cleaned and rebuilt my computer piece by piece, and the problem magically went away.
I have moved the sound card to a different PCI port but I'm still getting crashes... and to be quite frank I'm Pissed.

For the record:
-Temperatures are not too high.
-running latest nvidia drivers, 84.21 to be precise.
-PSU voltages where posted before and I was told they where OK. Maybe a wee-bit low on the 12v, but nothing serious.

Oh, and the sound card is a SB Live! 24 bit.

I just downloaded the latest drivers on the Creative Support site and I'm about to install them.

Anyone have any ideas or similar experience?

06-05-06, 05:33 AM

Ok... pinched the sucker from my system and I was able to play none-stop until five am, when it was I that crashed :p.

I'm thinking faulty sound card, but audio quality is noticeably better than the integrated AC97 thingamagig.

It could also be only related to splinter cell... need to run some other games and test it out. Frack.

06-05-06, 03:59 PM
I feel like I'm writing a blog here!

Ok, so I installed the lates drivers and device control/whatnot. No change. Same **** over and over again.

I yanked the sound card out and played with the integrated Realtek AC97 audio and it worked like a charm, however, sound quality sucks bigtime whenever I'm doing something else on the computer (crackling when I open several windows, for instance).

I was thinking on setting up a secondary hardware profile, where the integrated sound is used whenvever I have issues. Anyone know how I can do this? I'm pretty sure I saw it somewhere a couple of days ago...