View Full Version : help me desing my case mod!

06-05-06, 05:54 PM
as of now i have to fit
matx mobo
pump and resavor combo
lights maybe
-and pci and ide cards in the case

the smallest case ive made with only 3 hds was 10inx10inxwhatever the width of a cd drive is
now that was nice but im thinking of an alternat design this time

im thinking of doing a 120mmx120mm lexan tower and puting the hds, and all the cooling in there, with the mobo attached on the side somehow and the dvd drive on the bottum

like a t shape or maybe if i can have the lexan tower go through the center of the mobo, im not sure, i want it small but damn mobo takes up 2 much space 9.6x9.6 inches

also will buy riser for cards if neccesiary