View Full Version : distance blur

06-06-06, 10:36 AM
Its got nothing to do with draw distace, i can see far but everything a few in game meters away is blurry. Even in games like counterstrike its the same. And i had the same problem with every other card i've used and i wondered why this is.

06-06-06, 10:57 AM
Look up bilinear, trilinear and anisotropic filtering on Wikipedia or Google to learn about the condition you describe. To eliminate the blur, enable anisotropic filtering either in the game or through the video driver control panel. Keep in mind that AF will degrade performance substantially if you don't have a mid- or high-end video card.

06-06-06, 11:07 AM
Also, use the high quality mode instead of quality although this will also cause a performance hit.