View Full Version : weird problem pls help

06-06-06, 01:28 PM
alright guys here is a problem i can't seem to figgure out

my computer keeps trying to install a driver for a PnP bios extension

this happens when i plug in the cable from my lg flatron l1720p into my computer. there is no usb driver for the monitor (i called the company) they said it doesn't need one and should just work.

the monitor has 2 usb ports in the back which work for some sub devices. some it doesn't work for are my thumb drive, and saitek x45

i have a k8n neo2 platinum w/ a 64 3500+
2 gig of ocz
gainward 6800gt

my usb devices plugged in are my logitec mx duo, my x45, and the monitor pass through cable.

please help this error message is annoying as hell!