View Full Version : Tyan 2895 (K8WE) and 7950 GX2

06-06-06, 11:01 PM
Has anybody been successful in setting up this combination? I wouldn't like to upgrade from my 7800 if it doesn't work.
Although nvidia lists the k8we as supported, there are some reports from people who could not get the board to POST, even after upgrading to BIOS 1.03

Thanks for reading. rrpalma.

06-07-06, 04:55 PM

06-07-06, 05:15 PM
Successes and failures.

My developer board with the original bios worked, my release board did not, waiting on Tyan for bios update.

06-22-06, 06:09 PM
testing bios 103k right now, so far it seems to have resolved the issue.

I will post findings tomorrow/friday

06-23-06, 09:04 AM
Any news on other Tyan boards? I have a Tomcat K8E-SLI (S2866) in my main desktop, and I'm not going to be swapping it for my K8WE since that's busy doing servery Unixy things :)

06-23-06, 09:09 AM
I am not aware of one, but the solution to the prior probably should be implimented across the board - maybe.

I will ask for you.