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02-04-03, 12:24 PM
Anyone see this in the stores yet?
It's supposed to be out today...Best Buy has it listed for the 6th tho on their site...

02-04-03, 12:25 PM
a qucik note, it's only $20, and the funny thing is, the strategy guide it $20 too...LOL

Red Dog
02-04-03, 05:30 PM
its supposed to ship on the 4th (today) and be in stores like EB on the 5th.

imo, $20.00 is a decent price point for the expansion.

that is untill you think about the number of free expansion packs for UT. :rolleyes:

02-04-03, 06:17 PM
Its a great game been playing it for the last couple days. The new vehicles are simply awesome and those italians get damn hard

02-07-03, 04:33 PM
Just picked it up today at lunch. Can't wait to get this baby installed and running. I am glad they decided on the $20 price tag as expansions should always be priced less than a full, stand-alone game.:D

02-07-03, 09:03 PM

Well hot piss! :eek:

02-08-03, 04:19 AM
A strategy guide?!

When confronted by the panzer tank shoot it until it blows up before you, you will see the King Tiger slowly coming round the corner. Proceed to s**t yourself while running like hell screaming "I love the furher!!". Avoid being shot by any large guns (or any small for that matter) run to the enemy position kill anyone there and stand around for a minute. Once said base is captured you will spot a Tiger that you can take. Head over to it and watch your team mate get into it and drive into a tree, after you finish cursing the bots watch out for the lunatic red neck in the jeep trying to "catch" some food. Oh and remember not to die....

Turn to page 2 to learn how to fight on the sea!!!


02-10-03, 07:58 PM
OMG!! That is the funniest thing I've ever read in here! Rednecks "catching" his food! LOL!

I love the game, but what you wrote is funny and true!

:thumbsup: :lol2: