View Full Version : xFI and my 7900GT always share IRQ. Can I change?

06-08-06, 02:04 AM
My mboard only has two PCI slots. One of which I can't put anything in because of my SLI setup. So I am stuck with ONE PCI slot.

No matter what I do my xFI takes always wants to share an IRQ with one of my video cards (i have two). This has the nasty effect of slowing my games down to a crawl and even system lock ups. The latter only on the most recent SM2 and SM3 games.

I've disabled everything I don't use in the bios to help free up IRQs. In fact, when I was running onboard sound, I had NO IRQ sharing. But now I do.

For ref I have disabled the following in the BIOS.

Firewire, AC97 audio, MIDI, serial ports, SATA controller, one of the LANs.

I noticed some mboard manufactures let you select the IRQ for sound in the BIOS. I wish ASUS gave us that option!! All they give you is the latency timer setting. It's set to 64 as is.

Any tips?