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06-08-06, 08:47 PM
Today i was updating my mobo BIOS & all of a sudden i got my SLI broken after the BIOS update.
i got a message that recognize that i have SLI capable system , but when i try to enable SLI it tells me that i need to remove any SLI incompatible cards first.
after some research i found that the new BIOS has reset my PCI-E config to 16x , 1x instead of 8x - 8x .. thats cool & easy to fix ! , but when i selected the 8x 8x config again & restarted i wouldnt be able to get to windows .. actually i get there but with a black screen.

SOLUTION : reset the PCI-E config to 16x - 1x (my DFI Expert has this option in BIOS) , uninstall display drivers , after reboot get in BIOS & select 8x - 8x again , save & reboot .. only then install the display drivers again. (you'll be able to get into windows normally since no drivers installed yet)
now it will let you enable SLI in your system!

i've seen many other users with similar problem so i thought this might help aswell as a message to nVIDIA or mobo makers to fix this issue.

06-08-06, 08:59 PM
Very good tip,

I have done that many times also, freaking out after a flash and I forget about a voltage setting or something in the bios :)