View Full Version : mx5000 good or bad?

06-09-06, 06:30 PM
anyone got the MX5000? i would like to get a new keyboard, but is the BT keyboard any good?

does it work in bios?

how reliable is logitech BT?

does it drop connection?

works under xp, vista, linux etc...??

does the logitech BT cause cpu spikes? (i bought a BT adapter, and every 2-5 seconds it causes my CPU to spike to 10-20%, unplugged the adater and no spike)

06-09-06, 08:41 PM
My business partner loves that mouse and keyboard.

I HATE THEM with passion. The keyboard does not work in the bios of his motherboard. I wouldn't be surprised if it did if usb legacy support were turned on though (it may not be).

There's a row of media stuff on the left side of the keyboard that I accidently touch all the time (and so does he!) and I find it very annoying.

The mouse is like most other recent Logitech mice, not good. I use several much older logitech optical mice that just "feel" so much better.