View Full Version : ASUS A8N Motherboard and RAM

06-10-06, 09:12 PM
When I built my first rig a month or so ago, I just got the cheapest RAM I could find just so I could finally put it together. I got Ultra (Which I believe is tigerdirect company ram but could be wrong) It was the cheapest at the time with rebates and stuff so I got it. I have heard other people talking about how certain RAM goes with certain motherboards and was wondering what kind of RAM works bets with ASUS.

06-11-06, 10:19 AM
Corsair and Crucial from OC'n sites. Attached pdf is from ASUS site, highlights are from ASUS. They show Corsair, Kingston, Hynix, Samsung and some others. Rumor is that ASUS linked up with Corsair after DFI linked up with OCZ for best performance.