View Full Version : 2nd 7900gtx wont instal

06-11-06, 05:03 AM
heya new problem for me 8(

for about 2 weeks ive been having difficulties with running SLI for my 7900 gtx cards. tried all drivers ect blah blah..but NOW i cant seem to get the second card to even start under XP..says code 10 device cant start..I know the card works becuase ive installed jsut the second one and it works fine. but i cant seem to get both working at the same time..any ideas?

06-11-06, 05:11 AM
Post your hardware specs. Other details as how you installed the drivers...erm how did you enable SLI ...exact message error in device manager etc. You have to be more descriptive for us to help you.

06-11-06, 05:36 AM
Sorry...Well i did a clean unistal using both add remove drivers and then in safe mode used driver cleaner. I have a pent 4 3.60 GHz 2 gig ram dell xps 600 (never buying stock again) Ive tried several driver versions whql versions also with no success.
In device manager i see a yellow ! box with the message (this device cannot start code 10) not using any resources and it has the driver version in using so im not sure whats going on..Ive instaled them in safe mode with success..but after reboot crapola 8(

06-11-06, 06:21 AM
Maybe just try a complete install of windows if you are sure you have all the bios settings correct and all the motherboard drivers and DX9c and video drivers installed.

06-11-06, 12:10 PM
Ok well after hours on hours of reinstalling and finding working default drivers I finally got these bad boys to work! no more crashing no more bluescreens..did a clean windows instal do it/ who knows! now im jsut afraid to update drivers..I used the cd that came with the cards..its an older driver but works.