View Full Version : Anybody have a Samsung SyncMaster 244T?

E30325i 2.7
06-11-06, 06:26 AM
I thinking of bying one but have a question or 2
How is it??
is it to large for gaming?
is there any ghosting in games?
how is the collors on it?

Is there anything better out there at 24?

06-11-06, 08:06 AM
I am sure it would be good with it's 6ms responce time ,but $1359 is really to me but if you have the money ,then go for it ,I have the SamSung SyncMaster 204B 20.1" that has 5ms responce time and it has been the best LCD monitor that I have owned. If it has ghosting in games I have not notice any .You could buy two 204B 20.1" for $752 and run duall monitors.