View Full Version : Need ur guys advice, not valid win32 app, dvd

06-12-06, 11:30 AM
Anyone know the 'not a valid win32 application' problem loading dVD?
Removed the IDE drives in the PC and installing a SATA1 drive in there. So now instead of 2 IDE's + dvd burner there is 1 SATA drive and 1 dvd burner. re-install windows without issue. Well not entirely. When I put in her Xfix cd, it said not a valid win32 application. Huh?

Install went fine from the XP cd in the same dvd drive. There were no issues.

The drive initially formatted for more than 137GB and actually recognized and formatted it for 200GB.. I thought this was odd since on my install, my 320GB drive it only allowed 137. But then I'm on AMD, not Intel.

I really don't know what the problem is.. The cd works fine in my PC and another one. This PC was working great up and until my re-install.

I remember there was this update a long time ago.. pardon me if i'm wrong, but windows installer 3.1.. I don't recall seeing that, is this needed? Am I missing something else?

I been building PC's since god, I was a kid and this totally baffles me why she'd be getting this error. Never seen it before, searched for spyware and viruses etc.. Zero clue here. I look on google but found no solutions.

she has a pentium 4 3.2ghz wit 2gigs ram and sata 200gb wd drive.

06-12-06, 11:59 AM
I think I might know solution. I think I might have to change the standard CDROM cable with one of the newer IDE cables.. Strange it would have worked before with the standard cable and now by putting on SATA drive it would need the higher density cable. I'll try tonite and see what happens.