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06-12-06, 05:37 PM
What's the difference between Real Power 450 (RS-450-ACL X) and Real Power 450 (RS-450-ACL Y) ?

I got a responce from CoolerMaster: One is Active and one is Passive. The Y is the active PSU, we only carry the Y version in North America.

the X version 60$ and y version 77$, rails are same, so which one to go with ?

06-12-06, 11:02 PM
I have the ACLY myself. The only difference as it says also on the box, is that the Y model has Active PFC.

Wikipedia says:

"An Active Power Factor Corrector (active PFC) is a power electronic system that controls the amount of power drawn by a load in order to obtain a Power factor as close as possible to unity. In most applications, the active PFC controls the input current of the load so that the current waveform is proportional to the mains voltage waveform (a sinewave).

The main advantage of an Active PFC over a classical PFC (a passive version using either capacitors or inductors) is that it can reduce harmonic distortion, whereas a passive PFC is only limited to the reduction of the phase angle between current and voltage."

When I was researching PSUs for my rig it was generally recommended to go with a Active PFC unit.