View Full Version : CRT, Philips Vs LG, Help me chose !

06-13-06, 09:54 AM
OK, where I live LCD monitos are out of my reach, right now I have a Sony 420GS 19" CRT monitor, I mostly use my PC for Games (FPS),DVDs and Adobe photoshop.

After some search I got a good deal on 2 CRT 19" monitors.
The LG T930BU and the Philips 109F52.

I read about the specs of these 2, but I would like some opinions on people who used 19" Monitos from LG and Philips.

Help me chose.

06-13-06, 04:32 PM
Any one ?!?

06-13-06, 04:46 PM
Philips are really good. But. There's a catch. Forget about the consumer ones. Only stick with the "B" and "P" series (business and professional)...

LG apparently are good, but I never used one, so I can't testify for them...

But, just to know, why the hell do you want to change your 420GS (which is, imho, a fine monitor) ?

06-13-06, 05:49 PM
my sony is very old and getting fuzzy, also it takes too much time to get warm, also I need dual display to study and work around better with Photoshop, I'll use the new monitor as primary one.

The models I got deals on are as following:

LG T930BU specs:


Philips 109F52 specs:


P.S. I made a search on the Philips monitor on Philips webpage, it's seems that the F series is only available in the North Africa, M. east and east Europe areas only!!!

I tried to compare it to the P series and the B series and I can't find any thing different!