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06-14-06, 01:06 AM
The purpose of this package is to make TES IV: Oblivion look even better than when you bought it. To do this I've created new textures and normal maps to replace a large number of those in the game with ones which are higher resolution and more photorealistic, while at the same time, still very close to the original feel of Bethesda's intentions. However, due to the increased resolution, machines with lower-end graphics cards may see a slight decrease in performance, but usually no more than a few frames per second.

Screenshots (http://qarl.rpgmods2.com/Qindex.html)

Download (http://www.elricm.com/nuke/html/modules.php?op=modload&name=Downloads&file=index&req=viewdownloaddetails&lid=2906)

Readme (http://qarl.rpgmods2.com/readme_qarls_texture_pack_2.html)
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Not my mod, btw, but I'd thought I'd post it for you guys here since it's so super-cool :)

06-14-06, 02:12 AM
Looks really nice up close. I wonder if they have nasty patterns like the originals though.

06-14-06, 02:24 AM
I.ve been playing with it a bit, and I think that even if there is noticeable tiling, it looks fantastic up close. But this also includes textures for buildings and wood and stuff, so I would at least check that out

Right now have have this, your newest LOD pack, and Bluesteel's normal map LOD pack and everything looks fantastic :)

06-14-06, 02:27 AM
Yeah I love the added detail on the walls and objects. I'll DL this tomorrow and try it out :)

06-14-06, 02:28 AM
The guy that made the parallax textures for several cities should team up with qarl. Highres textures + parallax mapping = :drooling:

06-14-06, 02:36 AM
The guy that made the parallax textures for several cities should team up with qarl. Highres textures + parallax mapping = :drooling:
I just found out about the parallax textures myself!

They look amazing!


It adds a whole new layer of depth to the textures. They really should team up. Thatd make the game look phenomenal.

Dammit, I just remembered Im using a freaking geforce 2 mx until my 7950 comes :(


06-17-06, 11:42 AM
I wanted to report that these textures definitly tile less than Bethesdaīs default textures. My rope textures (the ones on the ships) are pink, but then again Iīm not using OBMM because I donīt have .NET installed, instead Iīm using ACV (Automatic Content Validator by Elche) but I guess it missed that one texture. These textures are also massive memory hogs in combination with Jarrods rocks, and Qarls first package, 2GB and 512MB vram are must-haves when the textures are set to "large", but at "medium" they are still looking great and run great on my computer.

06-17-06, 12:08 PM
See about 10 comparison (BEFORE/AFTER) screenshots for these textures: