View Full Version : GF7800GTX dead/dying/fine?

06-14-06, 02:13 PM
Heres the story... I bought one of these a few months ago....


Everythings been running smoothly since installed a few months ago, usually idles around 48-49C and goes up to 60C at the highest under load. I came to my computer earlier this morning and my screen was black and wasnt responding to anything. So I hit the reset button and upon POST the screen was garbled with junk. I open up the case, nothing out of place, no leakage or anything (I use PC ICE non-conductive solution). Well, I was moving a wire out of the way and I touched the backplate heatsink, I noticed the garbled text/graphics changed. SO I slightly pushed on it and the screen "corruption" changed a bit. I took a screwdriver and loosened the screw at that point and the monitor was dancing pixels with different types of screen corruption. Well, lets just say the garbled pixels were responding to how loose/tight the screw was.

So this is quite strange, and never had to troubleshoot anything like this... Any insight?

06-14-06, 04:30 PM
Please delete this thread.... turns out the water pump connector fell off the harness... Damn thermaltake lol.