View Full Version : Suspend Mode and BSOD Problems

06-15-06, 11:43 PM
Is there any hardware problem that could be causing my computer to randomly wake from suspend mode? Although I would like to be able to blame the problem on my cat disturbing the mouse or keyboard while it is in suspend mode, I have a feeling that it might be a power supply or memory issue.

In addition to the suspend mode problem, I am getting an inordinate amount of BSODs. One of the most common ones points to a file named nvrm.sys. I did a search on google for nvrm.sys, but only a couple german sites popped up. Any idea what the purpose of this file is? It seems to be Nvidia related.

BTW, nothing has changed on my computer since the problems started, except that I've installed City of Heroes and City of Villians.

Edit- System specs below.