View Full Version : Hitman Blood Money..Mouse moving..= laggy?

06-18-06, 07:05 AM
Hmm by mouse moving i mean when i hold right click and then like move forward and change directions etc..i feel very laggy..but the fps is smooth..40-50+..no hdd activity either..its like a bit laggy kinda feeling..

Not sure if its game problem or nvidia drivers. I have tried 90 series and now on the official 84 series..same problem..

All other games work fine, smooth as silk. Q4, CS:S, Dreamfall, NFS:MW, WoW, Riddick, Obliviion (for the most part..though game does crash to desktop with no error msg and i pretty much gave up on the game, but the game is still playable and smooth for me @ 800x600)

06-18-06, 03:45 PM
I get the mouse lag only in the main menu .. in-game its pretty fine.

try setting the "number of frames to render ahead" to "0".

06-18-06, 10:14 PM
Its not really the mouse pointer i mean. Its the ingame movement with the mouse, ie when i move to look left/right and at the same time move forward..fps is fine..but the movement feels laggy

06-19-06, 08:04 PM
You didn't mention whether or not you installed the v1.1 patch for Blood Money. This patch is known to fix a lot of performance issues with the game.

06-20-06, 04:42 AM
Sorry for this completely unhelpful post, but I have to say, the Hitman Blood Money demo was the first Hitman game I've played that didn't have terrible mouse lag or mouse control. I actually enjoyed it this time. On further consideration, I think I have my 'render frames ahead' set to zero, so that might have helped me.