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06-18-06, 02:03 PM
Hi all

Is here someone still using Win98 se? I for sure need some help :p

Im building a dual boot computer with xp and win 98 se.
xp is working just fine but I cannot get any version of the forceware drivers to install in win98.

The result is always the same, boot logo then black screen with Hanging/reboot and back to the VGA...with 16 colors...

So is there something that a fresh install is missing? Or am I missing something...:)

I have dx 9.0c installed with mobo drivers etc. Only thing that doesn't work is graphics card.

System specs are:

MSI K8t neo
Sempron 3100+
512 mb RAM
Club 3d 6200 agp
Onboard sound (realtek chip)

Thanks in advance,


06-18-06, 08:57 PM
is Dx9c even compatible with Win98.

the 6200 requires Dx9C

06-18-06, 09:27 PM
did u try these? http://www.nvidia.com/object/win9x_81.98.html

06-19-06, 12:11 AM
Thanks for the replys!

I have tried those drivers also. No luck.
This dx thing I must find out somewhere.

I tried to search the requirements of using forceware drivers but it seems that there is not anything similar to for example ATIs requirement of installing .NET thing?

Thanks in advance,


06-19-06, 01:31 AM
ok, if memory serves me... 98 FE doesn't get 9c but 98SE does.
go to www.microsoft.com/directx and download it from there

06-19-06, 07:14 AM
I have tried those drivers also. No luck.
This dx thing I must find out somewhere.

Have you got the AGP GART drivers for your motherboard installed? On Windows '98 everytime you upgrade the graphics drivers ( unless you've got an Intel mobo with the intel INF/chipset driver installed ), you need to reinstall the GART drivers or things go awry.

06-19-06, 07:19 AM
err, im not sure about that,

the gart driver only gets removed when you choose to remove it.

atleast.. it never gave me a problem.

06-19-06, 01:34 PM
Thanks again

DX9.0c should be compatible with win 98 se. So this is ok.

However I tried to uninstall the Gart driver and the whole system freezes. And now if I try to install Gart driver system is freezing. Even in the safe mode. So maybe this is messed up.

I think Im going to do fresh install again and see if anything is going to be different.

Hehe... is this a proof that maybe "good old times" wasnt so good after all :p

Again thanks for your help,