View Full Version : DDR2 Questions

06-18-06, 10:41 PM
Hi guys, hope you can clear things up for me. I'm looking at purchasing some DDR2 in preperation for Conroe, and have concerns.

#1 Does all DDR2 run in 2T timing mode? I think so, but correct me please.

#2 Does anyone have the mushkin DDR2-800 sticks? they have very low latencies of 4-3-3-10 at ddr800. Sounds cool, but not if its T2

#3 Can we expect latencies to shrink even more? The mushkin Sticks suprised me pretty good, cause its progress. Should I just wait till conroe's out, to see if DDR2 has advanced some more, latency wise?

#4 Any recomendations, thoughts, or answers on DDR2 would be welcome. Thank you.