View Full Version : 7950GX2 and M2N32-SLI problem

06-19-06, 02:31 AM
Hi everyone

I start with my setup,

AMD ATHLON 64 X2 4600+ AM2
ASUS M2N32-SLI Deluxe, nForce 590-SLI, AM2, PCI-E, DDR2, ATX
ASUS(TEK) GF 7950 GX2 PCI-E 1024MB
Corsair, XMS2 2048MB KIT, 1024+1024MB 800MHz DDR2-RAM
Antec P180 with Enermax Liberty 500W (Model: ELT500AWT)

2x WD RAPTOR SATA (striping)
2x Other SATA drives
= 4 SATA drives

SB X-Fi Fatal1ty
Razer Copperhead (USB)
G15 Keyboard (USB)

OS/Drivers/Software (used/tested):
Windows XP SP2 (+Windows updates)
Windows XP 64 (+Windows updates)
Various Forceware versions
Various Nforce driver packages
PC Cleaner PRO

Motherboard BIOS tested:
0404 (as suggested in http://www.nvidia.com/content/geforce_gx2_sbios/us.asp?vendor=asus&sortBy=)
0504 (newest)

and now to the problem, everything else is working properly but the GX2 is randomly showing the other video card in device manager, it also keeps it "disabled" and reports "not enough free resources" to get it running. I have got it to enable two times and both times I have no idea how it happened, also both times ended when I went to enable the multi GPU in Forceware SLI options by crashing.

There is no similar cases that I have found. All I can think of at this point are, my PSU is it enough for the system and is this a mobo BIOS problem that could be fixed in future with upgrade.

Please does anyone have any ideas?

06-19-06, 08:13 AM
I have the same mobo. I'm using the 0501 bios with the 7950.

I think it could be the power supply. I'd try running the system with just the 2 raptors and unhook the other 2 drives. I'd also try this with the sound card pulled out.

06-19-06, 01:26 PM
My best guess is also the power supply, however, it could be that you have an IRQ issue.

This is kind of off topic.....

I have the same Antec P-180 Case. How tight is the 7950GX2 in that case?